At Uber, my role as a Marketing Manager has me working in multiple disciplines. I currently handle Rider CRM (Email, Social, In-App, and Blog) for the Pacific Northwest. I also oversee marketing strategy for our regulatory challenges against local governments, produce our driver-partner podcast series, and oversee most photo and video shoots. 

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Uber: Drag Shows on Demand

Pride is a big month for the Seattle market and Uber stands with our LGBTQ+ community. For the 3rd year in a row we've produced our Drag Shows on Demand stunt activation. Here, riders can request a drag queen using a special feature in the Uber app to have them appear at their doorstep ready for the Pride festivities. We are staunch supporters of LGBTQ+ equality and recently Glassdoor named Uber the top company championing workplace equality. 

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Uber: Ojebo's Story

Ojebo is an Uber driver-partner with an amazing story. After working with her on one of our video shoots, she told us about her journey through poverty to finding a place to live. Uber played a big part in helping Ojebo find work and now she is able to provide a better life for her daughter. We had to capture this story and share it with the world. 

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Uber: Driver-Partner Podcast

I have the fortune of producing Uber's first driver-partner podcast series. Since taking it over, we have added 23+ episodes featuring tips, driver-interviews, important regulatory updates, and more. The driver-partner podcast is about finding new ways to communicate with our driver-partners and give them the information they need to succeed. We recently have expanded from Seattle to Portland and are looking forward to welcome fresh perspectives to our show.